Jeudi le 23 mai: you know what you have to do!

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    my name is étienne (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 14:49)

    i think woh the and is

    alexandre own the trotinet biecaus he does the good job.

    alexandre is a star in the limousine.

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    Nathan Dubé (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 14:49)

    I think it ends with pleasure because it may have been successful in finding accesory for the cinema and has become a sequel of the cinema.
    Good night.

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    Naomie J(The Annoying Dog) (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 14:52)

    (I hate you, keyboard. ;^;)

    Hi Mister.Eric ! My favorite moment of the day was the last period !

    You asked for us to write in english and say how the story can finish.

    I think that this story can finish with Alexandre who is an actor in an another movie.

    Thanks for reading ! See you tomorrow !

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    Myriam H03 (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 14:56)

    Hello. Thank you for the last périod is it nice.

    Me I think Alexandre have a new " patin à roue aligner" and a skateboard. He make a other movie and he was a popular actor.

    goodbey see you to moro.

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    Andréanne Bouchard (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 14:58)

    Hey, hope you are doing good!
    In this video you told us to think about what could be the end of the story in the exam that we did this morning. Here is mine...

    At the end i thout that Alexandre did good in the movie. The movie gets more than millions of views so he beacame a celebrity and wheres black glasse in a limozine while signing autographs like he imagined the celebrites were.

    That’s all for to night.
    See you tomorrow!

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    Léa Lévesque (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:00)

    Hello, i hope you arme well.think that in the end, Alexander will be famous because the film was a great success.
    Good bye:-)

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    Camille Lévesque (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:01)

    paper version (i don't have a time)

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    Noah Gendreau h02 (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:03)

    hello m.éric I hope you're fine I'm great.

    for the capsule you said you have to guess the end of the novel me I think he will finish filming the film will become very popular and alexander will become a famous actor who is making à lot of film.

    its the end bye bye. (Si ses cours ses car je ne parle pas anglai)

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    Thomas Labrecque (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:09)

    Allo Mister Éric, Miss Josée and Miss Nath,
    I hope you feel good because me yes. I like my day with the morning more working and the aftermoon more relax.

    In your video, you spoke about the person who laugh of those who do the blogue in english. After that, you ask to us to do the end of the storie in the reading exam and all of this in english.

    For Me,i think that after do the movie, Alexandre have his money and help his mother for buy the skateboard and the roller blade.

    I hope to that he is pleasing at you and i you wish a wonderful evening with your family!


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    Adele (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:12)

    Hello everybody,

    I believe Alexandre will become a star. Alexandre go in a limousine as in the text.

    Goodbye and see you later!

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    my name is not Rose (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:17)

    Today we read a text and i think the end is alexandre finish the movies end they get many dollors. I dont knoww!!
    see you tomorrow

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    Raphaël Labrecque (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:18)

    Hello Miss Nat, Mister Éric and Miss Josée
    I wish you been good and you are in shape for this bad evening. Today, I found the reading easy compare the convenient reading exam.

    For the blog today, we have to write the end of the text of the reading exam.

    I think that Alexandre continue many other movie and he become a star but not like he thought. Then, he is a little dissapointed because he wanted to go out of a limousine with a black glasses. After, Alexandre decided to let the cinema and retreive is normal life.
    I cant continue my blogue because I have a Football training. Have a good evening. Bye

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    Antoine Messier (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:29)

    hello mister Éric.
    i think that the book finish that alexandre becomes famous.

    seee you tomorow

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    Alexy Gagnon (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:30)


    I d’ont very good in English.
    Alexandre is nice junior acteur and his continue in the voie.

    Good bay

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    Alec (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:38)

    Hello Myster Éric thank you for the Last period. Today we are read à text I think the end offre thé text us Alexandre become à star movie and he win à lot money. Goodbye!

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    Yan tremblay (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:41)

    Hello Mister Éric
    Alexandre had his skate roller and skate bord after the movie he became popular because its the movie that is rendered as sel6
    Go bye m'y friands and miss Natalie.!!!

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    Charles messier (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:44)


    Here is what I think is going to happen at the end of the story.

    I think that Alexender will become famous for being in that movie, and that lots of other filming companies would try to have him play in their movies. But finally, he doesn't like to be in the spotlight so he would decide to help his mother instead of being an actor.

    I hope that you liked my ending.


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    Jordane Lacroix Lavallée (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 15:57)

    hello as usual I hope everything is fine. Thank for the last period it was great.

    Good me how I see the end of the story his ...

    Alexander later will become a renown film artist.

    Here's all we see again tomorrow ciao.

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    Elizabeth H.F (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 16:01)

    Good evening Mr.Éric, Mrs. Josée and Mrs. Nat.
    I liked the before last periode.

    You have asked to right the end of the novel in ENGLISH.

    The end that I imagines is Alexander improve more and more.
    He come a true star in the futur.

    Hère is the end of I imagines.
    Good night.
    Ps; I use Wordreference and not Google Translate.
    Elizabeth H.F

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    Jeremy Lemieux (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 16:30)

    Hello teachers I hope you are doing well,
    you ask us to say what gonna be the end of the book.
    I think that Alexandre gonna be famous wear black glasses, ride in a big limouzine and signe autograph to is fans.
    With is money I think that he will not buy a skateboard and some roller skate, I think that he will keep the skate of is grand pa and the roller skate of is grand ma.
    Good night and at tomorrow.

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    Mandy (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 16:46)

    Hello Mister .Éric,Miss Josée and Miss Nat! I hope you are well.Me yes.I very liked my day because that was relax. So in the blog Mister Éric asked to say the end of the roman.I don’t have idea!

    Me I think that Alexandre have a new skateboard and a roller skates.Alexandre after the movie that he made he become a popular actor.

    Thank you and good evening!!!

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    Marie-Ana Porlier (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 16:54)

    Hello Mister Éric , Miss Josée and Miss Nat .
    I past a very good afternoon I wish to you love your afternoon even if it was raining .
    I wish to have sunshine tomorrow .

    We have to did you what we think is going in the remaining of history .

    I think that after this film he will have it started immediately for another film .
    And some years after he will be a big star .
    And he love is life to star .

    Sorry of my fault .

    Good nignt I have to go lunch so bye !!!

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    Alexane (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 16:57)

    I think that alexandre is very populaire because they have a lot strategy

    And i like the last period thank for that

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    Mathys Duchesne (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 17:08)

    Hi fabulous professor

    I hope you're fine me I'm great.

    In the capsule you with ask to say that would be the end of the novel that one made like examination of the ministry.

    I think that the end would be that thanks to the rather good performance of Alexander he would be invited to make a second film and he would become a star of cinema. then he comes out of a limousine to sign autographs as he said in chapter eight.

    on this I wish you a good evening

    Ps. J’ai utilisé word references à plusieurs reprise..

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    Laura Bourque H01 (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 17:10)

    Bonjour, I mean... Hi,
    Today, we need to rite the end of the story of today in the blog.

    I think Alexander and his cusin will be fired. Because they are not good at this job. They are to distracted.

    This is what I think, good bye!�

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    Jacob (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 17:14)

    Hi mr. Éric, miss Nat and miss Josée

    I think that the end of the story finishes that, Alexander becomes a movie star. At the beginning of the story, it says that Alexander see movie star’s like this: black glasses, that they have a limousine and they sign autographe for their fans. I suppose that at the end Alexander will be a star and he will do all of those stardom stuff.

    Bye and have a good one !

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    Nathan L'italien (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 17:31)

    Hi Mr. Eric, today in your video you told us that we need to complete the story on the exam that we did today.

    For me, my story end is like that: Alexandre will be asked for some other movies. He will be a famous movie star. He will be an actor and he will be in a limousine with black glasses, giving autographes on fans paper like he said in the story.

    I hope that you liked my story end and good bye see you tomorrow.

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    Zachary Henry (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 17:38)

    Hello MR.Éric, Miss nat And Miss Josée. I hope you had a good Day, but me yes.
    For the blog you say to think the end of the story of Alexander.
    I think the story will finish like this : Alexander will be a movie stars and is parents are gonna gift one of the 2 things : a scooter (trottinette)
    Or a pair of roller skate.
    Bye bye.

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    Emma Bigras H03 (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 17:45)

    Hello Mister Éric.

    You asked us to tell the rest of the part officielle the book.

    This is the rest of the story:
    Alexander got a new skateboard and a new scooter. His mom continued her job and help Alexander.After this Alexander played in other films and he became famous. And he become better and better in playing a role in films. His cousin didn't become famous like him.He was the only famous in the family.

    Ils all see you tomorrow
    Emma 6:45

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    charles bastien (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 17:55)

    hey hello mister the end for me is he have a new roller blade and new skate board good bye

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    Samuel Bhérer (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 18:34)

    Good evening miss Nath,

    I believe whit the cash of his work he go buy roller skate and skateboard. I think he want toy new.

    Good bye (à demain)

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    Evan Rodrigue (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 18:44)

    Hello Miss Josée, Miss Nathalie and Mister Éric,

    In the video you wanted us to write in the blog about what could be the end of the story that we read in class today. So here’s my version of the end:

    After hours and hours of filming, Alexander finished his role in the movie about Maurice Richard. With this job, he earned enough money to buy a new skateboard and rollerblades. Couple of hours after the movie’s release, Alexander became famous in Quebec. So, he signed many autographs for his fans. He even had new roles in other movies where he was the lead actor. His dreams became reality.

    I hope you enjoyed my version of the story’s end.

    I wish you a good evening and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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    Molly Pichette (jeudi, 23 mai 2019)

    Hi Miss Nat,Miss Josée and Mister Éric.

    In this blogue you have to ask to write in English the end of the story.
    sorry if my blog is not long.

    I believe that with the money he will have thanks to the theater he will buy his skate.

    Good bye see you tomorrow. Molly Pichette

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    Camille Lévesque (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 19:27)

    Good evening Mr. Eric i hope you are well and that you had a good day.
    in the capsule you asked yourself to imagine how the end of the excerp will end.
    so i guess he's going to become a famous star but he's going to be denotated by another boy and his cousin's going to like him and he's going to try to use his relationship to get more out of this stuff. and he managed to beat him and that's it. Sorry i wish i could have done more, but i'm not verry good in english
    thank you and have a good evening.

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    Olivier tremblay (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 19:32)

    Ello I hope you espere good.
    I think that what follows is that finishes the film well and that he also signs a othograph as he thinks.
    Thanks the read my blogue.

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    samuel demers (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 20:04)

    Hi mister Éric
    The boy become popular for win enough the money and live happy. Alexandre could to be celebrated.
    good night

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    Schtroumpfette blonde (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 20:26)

    Hey Mr.Éric, I think your going to have a good night with your friends at the Gall.!
    So my day was a very good one, because,It not very normal but I really like the text we do today, I was not just reading for an exam NO! I was reading the text for fun, and it was a very good story and if you find the real book, can you just buy it because I want it to read the book please.?

    So the rest of the story is....

    So I has finished my day with my mom in the car and the movie is done!
    - Yesss! It done!.
    And after my mom and me are going to eats at Macdonal’s for my days and after she’s say to me.
    -Do you want to go see a movie?
    -YES! A movie, son cash, and Macdonal’s, it the best day ever mom,Thanks!
    -You welcome!
    With my mom, we go see the movie Avengers Infinity Wall!!!
    And it was the best movie ever, with the best day ever!! After we go home and we play at Monopoly, and I go bed!
    -Good night mom!
    -Thanks you very mutch, you too!

    Thanks you Mr.Éric for ask to do the blogue in English, because I really like to speak en read in English but I need more to learn in English so Thanks you!

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    Laetitia Enjalbert (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 20:35)

    Hello M. Éric , Miss Josée and Miss Nat , today it was cool exept because I has a retainer , I don't have the permission for eat a gum , it's very sad . Why me !

    In the capsule mister Éric wanted we write IN ENGLISH the end of the story in the exam .

    Alexander is very good for the rest of the movie . The movie finish , Alexander has a big success , many producers ask to Alexander play in the different movie . After many time , Alexander has a lot money , with the money he buys a new roller skate and a skateboard . He says thank you at his grandparent and his mom because it's due to of them if Alexander is popular now .

    Sorry if there are a lot mistakes and my blog is very small .
    I 'm not the best in English .
    Good bye and at tomorrow .
    Laetitia Enjalbert

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    Nathan Lalancette H03 (jeudi, 23 mai 2019 20:36)

    Hello I hope That you have a good day because me yes. My best time in this day was when I play soccer with all my frends.

    In this capsule you Say to do the rest of the story.

    Me I think that Alexandre is cona be famous because he is a actor and a actor is rich and famous. Alexandre is gana have is bake and skateboard because of the money that he will got to be a actor..........

    Bye see you tomorow

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    Rosalie Angers (dimanche, 26 mai 2019 13:00)

    Hi Mister Éric, I am really sorry that I didn’t do the blog on the 23Mai!

    So what you asked to do in this blog is to sau the ending of the story that we imagine.

    So for me the ending I think its going to be that Alexandre is going to do a good movie and that he will try to Audition for other movies.And with her cousine she will still do movies with Alexandre.

    Thank you,I hope that you will see my blog.Rosalie

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    Rosalie Coulombe (dimanche, 26 mai 2019 20:41)

    Hello to you three, I hope you will good and you had a good weekend. Again a time, I missed time for doing my blog and I'm sorry.

    Thursday, the homework was to say how in our opinion the story with Alexander ends. Here is what I think.

    Alexander continue to do the movie with Maurice Richard and the movie continue but a day, the studio close because someone accused the pricipal of the studio to theft. All the persons who do the movie quits the tray and the studio fails.
    The years passed and Alexander's mother registered this one at an other studio. He started fast at do a movie an after some years, Alexander was invited for do a other movie. He saw that the movie was the same he did when he was young. It was the movie with Maurice Richard. Alexander accepted.
    He was the perfect person for do this character and by playing de role of a hockey player, he began to love hochey. He enrolled in hockey and after many years of practice, he became a popular hockey player. Everyone knew Alexander.

    Sorry for the delay and I hope that its good.
    Good evening and see you tomorrow.